More than a whopping 600 unique species of birds call this part of the Amazon home. Join like-minded bird enthusiasts on the adventure of a lifetime.


With more time to explore, you will be able to experience a little more of the natural wonder that is Yasuni National Park


Witness vibrant macaws and parrots at a clay lick. Brave kayaking in Amazon’s tributaries or opt for glamping amidst the jungle, offering an unforgettable night beneath starry skies.


Explore Ecuador’s vast Amazon rainforest, home to rich biodiversity, abundant rivers, and captivating wildlife. A must-visit for unforgettable adventures in the Amazon.


Quilotoa Lagoon, nestled in the Ecuadorian Andes, is a captivating turquoise crater lake, formed by a collapsed volcano, offering breathtaking views and a popular trekking destination.


Capture the breathtaking beauty of the Amazon rainforest on our photography excursion at the renowned Napo Wildlife Center, revealing hidden jungle wonders.


Discover Amazon’s beauty on a 4-day NWC excursion. Experience biodiversity, canoe on the Napo River, and embrace nature’s wonders.

4D / 3N

This unique and immersive 5-Day experience takes travelers into the heart of the Ecuadorian rainforest, one of the most biodiverse places on Earth

5D / 4N

Experience the best that Ecuador has to offer with our exclusive Mailand tour! Immerse yourself in stunning natural wonders, vibrant local culture.



LE The 4 worlds country
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